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Return & Refund Policy

Thanks for shopping at Fabja.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we're here to help.

At Fabja we believe to met with the expectations of our clients and try to make you fully satisfied with whatsoever product they have purchased from Fabja website. Rather than aiming most to increase a huge range of customers we focus more on building the trust of Fabja among customers through providing them satisfactory solutions to all their enquiries. Our customers, be it an old or new one is our foremost priority, and so we revert on the enquiries requested by our customers, as soon as we can.

We are always looking forward to providing you with the best of the products at the best price and demanded material. We try to make you feel contented and fully satisfied after getting your parcel through sending you the exact product what you wish to have. However if due to some unexpected situation you want to return the product then the following terms apply for a mutually consented return.

If for any reason you do not feel happy with the product delivered to you then please immediately contact our Customer Service team by email for the alternate solution.


For this return, you require to inform our team with valid reason within 24 hours of delivery of the product via mail at


Replacement/exchange is subject to product/ stock availability and the same product will be sent if only it is available to our end. You can exchange the product only at one time.


P.s. We do not exchange or return products purchased during a sale or in special discounts. CLEARANCE SALE items are not returnable.


We have explained everything in detail about our Cancellation and Refunds policy so that in case you decide to cancel your order or return, you do never face any issue.


Pre-order Cancellations & Returns

Q: In case I change my mind after ordering, can I still cancel the order?

A: Yes, you can cancel your order immediately or within 24 hours of placing your order. Because free cancellation of your order will only be possible if the requested order is not ready to ship and the order hasn't been dispatched from the warehouse. Cancellation process needs to do with a proper policy like you have to email us on mentioning your order number, and a valid reason of cancellation. Replying at your requested cancellation email we will revert you the confirmation of 100% refund if the order is not used, not washed and is in the same condition as delivered.


Q: Why we put such deadlines to return an order, i.e. 24 Hour?

A: As soon as your order is affirmed, We initiate the process to deliver your order on time. Soon after your confirmation, the process of manufacturing (if stock is low), picking, packaging, customizing and logistics starts. All that mean, after 24 hours we initialize the main process which includes finance transition and other expenditures in the process to deliver the order exactly on time.

Q: What if I want to cancel my order after 24 hours?

Generally, We do not accept the request to cancel the placed order after 24hrs. If you genuinely want to cancel the order and have a valid reason to cancel it after 24hrs you will have to pay 20% processing charges that is we will refund you 80% of your money back deducting our processing charges. Orders cancelled post 24 hours of confirmation are dealt through our Customer support team depending on the reason to cancel the particular order.


Post-order Returns & Refunds

It would be ideal if you note that we are not accepting any returns for sewed apparel, including Stitched products, semi stitched products, Pakitani salwar suits, Bollywood sarees, bollywood salwar suits, bollywood gowns, bollywood lehengas, actress and mordel products and other bollywood replicas, Stitched Salwar Suits, Stitched Lehenga, Stitched Kurti, Stitched gowns, and Stitched Sarees, Stitched koti dress, suits, sarees, lehenga, Image for the reference purpose only whole items, and other stitched demanded orders. We accept returns only for unstitched items in specific criteria. All festival related product like Diwali, Eid, Rakhi and Navratri related all products not return and exchage.

The images that you view on the website are the catalogues or the modal replicas which are just for reference purpose. The products won't be exact as shown always, as in pictures we show you the samples of how you can carry or wear the particular attire to beautify your style. Quality of the product will be good to the extent as claimed in the product description but not exactly as shown in the catalogue images. Though we try our best to provide you with a similar product of best quality & cost. We suggest that before ordering any item from the stock you can ask our team for the original product image and check orignal additinal phoros in website alredy uploded thus you can examine the quality & looks of the product by yourself.

Note: Compulsory required clear photos and videos of open product parcel by email within 12 hr. Without open parcel videos and photos not return and exchange items. and not accepting return and exchange products by call and WhatsApp. We will accept returns and exchanges and other issues only by email. If you have all types of issues please email us. If you call/ WhatsApp us, We will not reply because the customer care number is only for order confirmation & product information & Order tracking status information details. If you will not talk & via WhatsApp in a professional language we can block your mobile number without informing you. After placing an order on our website the whole process will become to handling by email not call/WhatsApp. Our office time 11 am to 5 Pm and saturday, sunday holyday. And we will reply your email 2 to 4 days.

Kindly do not return the items before getting the confirmation email  "Request Accepted" from us, we do not guarantee your order in such cases, as we do not track and process on to the incomplete or cancelled requests.


Q: How your money will be refunded?

An: In any case, the refunds will never be more than the estimation of the order.

  • If the payment was made through Credit Card, Debit Card or Net-Banking, we will refund the charges to the same Banking account.
  • If the payment made was with Cash on Delivery, we will move that sum to your Bank account or by cheque.
  • Shipping Charges and Cash on Delivery charges are non-refundable charges and will not be refunded.
  • If the payment was made through Coupons/vouchers or Reward Points no refund will be granted at all.

          Refunds are dependent upon the availability of the substitution item and will be handled just in case they can't be replaced.


Q: In what cases my return request would not be accepted?

A: We want to clear that any product sold in the sale or in discounted offers are not allowed to return under our Return Policy except if it's the case relating to the manufacturing defect or a wrong item has been delivered to you by mistake.

We do not accept the returns if the product is returned back to us after 7 days of receiving the shipment, so please kindly report the matter to us on and return the product quickest as we accept your return request.

Q: How soon should I enquire you for return and in what cases?

A: For the return or reporting any complaints, please email us on instantly within 24 hours after receiving the order with regards to the product if received as damaged, with a manufacturing defect, or any other issues regards delivery or the product. As we consider that-

  • Item(s) may get damaged during transition
  • There may be some manufacturing defect left unnoticed while packing or
  • A wrong item may be shipped out to you by mistake.

From all these above-listed reasons, customer needs to just send an email within 24 hours of delivery and Fabja team will get back to you.

In some cases, we might request you for a digital picture of the delivered item for our internal review and to quickly process your request avoiding extra further enquiries.

Our company will arrange a reverse pickup from your location and send you the correct item as soon as possible. In this case, the reverse pickup cost will be bare by the company only. In some remote area, reverse pickup is not a possible company will give you 100rs into your bank account.

We will refund 70%  on the unstitched item cost for return order. ( 25% will be Order Processing and Payment Gateway/Cash Handling Charges, Taxes, and Other Charges.)

We are not liable for customs obligation or international orders


Q: What are the steps to return the ordered item from Fabja?

A: First, you have to report your complaint within 24 hours of receiving the product on email.

You will receive an acknowledgement reply mail from us on confirming the return request, within 2-3 business days. We request you to not ship items before you receive this email from us. We do not guarantee your order in such cases, as we do not track and process on to the incomplete or cancelled requests.
Note: In doubt case, we might request you for a digital picture of the delivered item for our internal review and to quickly process your request avoiding extra further enquiries.

Once our team accepts your return request, You just need to write basic information like your name from which the order had booked, order number to identify your item which will be similar as sent by us. If you don't follow these statements to write order number and name, Our team will not be responsible for your misplaced parcel.


Return Products have to match the following criteria to get accepted:

  1. The returned product should be in the original packaging, unused condition and not washed as like you received it.
  2. The returned product should contain all item like bottom, blouse, dupatta or extra fabric etc. as like delivered to you.
  3. If during any exceptional offer which you get the free additional item please send us that with return item. In case if anything is missed, at that point your item won't be accepted for return.
  4. Any issues noticed in the product which is acceptable as listed by us will be returnable if reported within 24 hours.
  5. Originally standardized identifications, labels, marks, item, and brand bundling should not be messed or tempered with.
  6. Sachets/parcels going with the box must not be torn up or used.
  7. As we take full responsibility to send the product to you on time with the right one in a nice manner, similarly sending back securely to us is your obligation. On the off chance that something occurs in travel and the bundle doesn't get delivered to us, we can't support you. So we request you to return your order through right suggested postal address and forward us that you have dispatched the order, Safely keep the postal receipt till it gets delivered to us.
  8. Refund/substitution of products/stock is subject to inspection and checking by Fabja team after it reaches to our end.
  9. Damages because of disregard, ill-advised use or application won't be covered under our Returns Policy.


We are always ready to help you and support in case of returns if it is done as per our policies. 

Note: If any dispute or contention emerges between the receiving end or selling parties then only surat court jurisdiction have locale to settle that dispute.


Colour and Description Misunderstanding Issues

The product description on the website mentioning details and product specifications which are approximate to an extent, closest to proximity. While we try to be so accurate in showcasing the exact colours there still might be some minor variations because of the lighting, focus, brightness, colour settings and other properties of various monitors during photography. Details like weight, size, and others may vary slightly as well. Hence the customer should check the reviews and telly the details first before ordering. We can help you to avoid such variations in some cases if we have details related to that particular product. Fabja believes that customers should already keep in mind these slight variations can occur and doesn't have issues related to it, because cancellation process before 24 hours is always there to refund you 100% amount.


Embroidery related Issues

Attire comprising of embellishments like beads, ribbons, buttons, flowers etc. usually tends to loosen and fall off. Indeed, even after the immense care and bundling this can't be totally assured that the embellished product will always be in proper condition. During physical exportation, some of the embellished items may come loose, If such circumstances emerge when you try your clothes after receiving the order, don't concern or stress out as it is the normal case and can be repaired by yourself. Though you are free to drop the exchange request but might be the stock doesn't have the exact piece of the order, in that case, we won't be able to provide your exact order.

Contact Us

If you have any questions on how to return your item to us, contact us.

Email id here:

Important Advisory:
Fabja's representatives do not ask for any personal details like your OTP/Password/PIN/CVV by contacting you. Beware of any fake offers and fraudulent sites.

Be Alert! Do not fall prey to fraudulent contact numbers of Fabja listed on various search engines like Google. Always refer for details.

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